World War Glee
A Youth Theatre Production

World War Glee

23/01/20 - 25/01/20

Join us for the final instalment of our Youth Theatre War Trilogy.  Space Quest Galaxy Wars took you to Outer Space. War of the Wands took you to Middle Earth.  Where will World War Glee take you? To a place like no other: High School!  Are you with the Plastics or the Heathers?  Are you more Zac Efron or Zach Morris?  Are you in the Breakfast Club or enjoying your Day Off with Ferris?  Pretty in Pink – well you can sit with us on a Wednesday.  And if you get all of those references then you’re our target audience!  

Join the jocks, cheerleaders, geeks and gleeks as we open the doors on High School High – your everyday high school where the clever kids want to be popular, the popular kids want to be clever and the teachers want to go home!  There’ll be auditions and detentions, Proms and Homecoming and no high school experience is complete without an impromptu, perfectly harmonised and choreographed musical number…

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