Talking Heads

Auditions for the three Talking Heads monologues will take place at a time to suit those auditioning.

I am happy to arrange a suitable time and date with individuals but I aim to cast it by Friday 6th March.

The following gives a brief description of each character:

Her Big Chance

Lesley is an actress. She has just completed a video (targeted chiefly for the German market) in which she plays ‘Travis’, a career girl who enjoys life, spends a remarkable amount of time topless and shoots a man with a harpoon gun. She tells all, blind to the sinister undertones of her story as well as to her own self-delusions and gullibility.

Lesley is in her thirties and comfortable wearing a swimsuit or bikini.

Bed Among the Lentils

Susan is a vicar’s wife suffocated by the expectations forced on her by her husband’s overzealous parishioners. She is dependant on alcohol and travels to Leeds to stock up on sherry, as she is in debt to the local shopkeeper. In frustration she embarks on an affair with the off-license owner, Ramesh, discovering something about herself and God in the process.

Susan can be any age between late thirties and 60.

A Lady of Letters

Miss Ruddock writes letters – not, unfortunately, social communications filled with harmless news, but letters of complaint, comment and, occasionally, officious praise to various businesses and government departments. She complains about the lack of care she assumes the child living opposite is receiving and ends up in prison. There, ironically, Miss Ruddock finds a certain freedom and is, for possibly the first time, happy.

Miss Ruddock is a normal middle aged woman.

Each monologue is approximately 30 minutes long.

If anyone would like a script to read and/or arrange an audition date, please contact me as soon as possible.


Thank you - David

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