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Aladdin is the classic tale of one boy’s journey to greatness. We’re in Old Peking, China and Aladdin is just a poor washer woman’s son. Yes, all the ladies love him but his heart is set on one girl; the Emperor of China’s only daughter. There’s no way a poor penniless peasant would be allowed to marry the beautiful Princess of China..., or is there?

Abanazar, a mysterious long lost uncle arrives and promises all the answers to Aladdin’s problems in exchange for one favour. Aladdin must enter the mysterious cave on the outskirts of Peking and find a simple gold lamp. Easy, right? But is this man to be trusted? Who or what lives inside the mystical cave? Why is this lamp so special? And was that a Panda I just saw?

Our hero Aladdin is joined by a whole host of weird and wonderful people as he embarks on his quest... there’s his brother Wishee Washee; funny, friendly and foolish through and through. There’s our two policemen PCs Sweet ‘n’ Sour; one’s nice, one’s mean but both are hilarious and finally the unmistakeable washer woman Widow Twanky; one of pantomime’s classic Dames.

Aladdin will stop at nothing to secure the heart of the woman he loves – but as our story progresses Abanazar’s true character becomes more and more apparent... Grove Park Theatre continues its reputation of delivering traditional pantomimes which promise a wonderful theatrical experience the whole family can enjoy. So if this is your first time or your thirty-third time through our doors you won’t be disappointed with our spectacular songs and our daring dances.  And since this is Aladdin, expect just a touch of magic...