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When the Wind Blows

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by Raymond Briggs

When the Wind Blows is an offbeat version of the famous English anti-nuclear cartoon parable, first published as a graphic novel and later adapted into a film. Jim and Hilda Bloggs live in peaceful retirement in the countryside when they hear that a nuclear strike is headed their way. Armed with government leaflets, and with the solid cheerfulness they felt during the blitz, they construct an indoor refuge out of doors and cushions. Trusting in the powers that be, they emerge after the bombing and wait for government assistance.

Jim's optimistic outlook and unshakeable belief that the government knows what's best and that it has the situation under full control is in direct contrast with Hilda's attempts to carry on life as normal. Both reminisce about how pleasant a time they both had as adolescents during the good old days of the Second World War, which provides us with some gentle nostalgia, charm and comedy. They donít know anything about radioactive fallout and believe that what you canít see canít hurt you.

From the author of such loved and timeless stories such as The Snowman and Father Christmas Raymond Briggs manages to find warmth and even humour in the tale of a nuclear strike. It is an incredibly moving production that is also extremely entertaining.