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Sleeping Beauty production by Grove Park Theatre


Calendar Girls by Tim Firth
Performance Dates: 8th - 20th July 2013
A funny, sentimental and captivating play guaranteed to make you laugh and cry.
Main Characters:
Chris – 45+ A party animal. Fills silences and generates laughter. The centre of attention.
Annie – 45+ happy to let Chris lead but a bit more conformist. Great foil for Chris and vice versa
Cora – 35 to 40ish Needs to be confident enough to sing Jerusalem as a solo at the start of the play. Ability to play the piano is desirable. Great character; funny, resilient and a single parent.
Jessie – 60/70 The best teacher you ever had but don’t cross her. A lover of life and brave with it.
Celia – 35+ More at home in Debenhams than the WI. A bit of a rebel.
Ruth – 40ish We see her on the floor, from where she picks herself up, to blossom in true self confidence. Brilliant scene with the make up artist in Act 2.
Marie – 50s. The WI is her world. It justifies her existence
John – (Annie’s husband). A human sunflower. Not a saint.
Rod – (Chris’s husband) Able to put up with Chris and give as good as he gets.
We will also need 2 youngish men in their 20’s and two or three other women, one in her 20’s and two in their later years for smaller but no less important roles.
Scripts and more details are available from David Underwood
Auditions: Thursday 21 February and Tuesday 26 February at the Theatre 7.30pm

LOVERS Winners & Losers by Brian Friel
Performance Dates: 23rd May – 1st June 2013
Two linked plays, set in 1960’s Ireland, about the hopes and disenchantments of love
Mag, 17, extreme in her enthusiasms
Joe, 17, earnest about life
(but you don’t actually have to be 17 to play the parts…)
Andy, 50-ish, solid, decent, reliable
Hannah, late 40’s, old maid till now, but with Andy warm and passionate
(Again, ages are flexible. Ideally, the same two actors are also the narrators in Winners)
Mrs Wilson, 60-70, Hannah’s mother, sweet but controlling
Cissy Cassidy, Mrs Wilson’s friend, full of pious platitudes
Scripts and more details are available from Brian Gilbert
Particular pieces to look at:
Mag: page 19, Joe: page 42
Mag, Joe: pages 30, 31
Andy: page 52
Andy, Hannah: pages 61-63
Hannah, Andy, Mrs Wilson, Cissy: pages 65-67
Auditions: Thursday 21 February and Tuesday 26 February at the Theatre 7.30pm