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Do you have to be an actor to join?

No. Members who can act are an invaluable asset to the Society, but there are many jobs done by full members covering backstage and front of house, which are equally as essential to the success of our productions.

How often does the Society meet?

The short answer is twice a year at general meetings. But it isn’t like that! As you will see from our website, there are social evenings every Friday together with various informal opportunities to meet fellow members throughout the year.

How often do you rehearse a play?

Rehearsals for each production usually begin about 8 weeks before opening night. The cast and certain backstage crew members may be expected to attend up to 4 rehearsals a week during that period. Plays run for 9 nights.

Do all members participate in each production?

Not as a rule. A member’s level of involvement in the season depends largely on the degree of participation he/she would be happy with.

How much does it cost to join?

The initial full annual membership fee is £48. As our membership year runs from 1 August, downward adjustments may be made dependent on the date of joining. Special rates apply to intermediate members aged 16-18 and full-time students under 25 (upon proof of Student Union membership).