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You can support Grove Park Theatre in three ways - by becoming a full member, a supporter member, or a member of our Youth Theatre.

Full members

Full members run the place: they form the Executive Committee that determines the plays we put on, the prices we charge, the hours we open, and much more. They also take on the running of our different departments and are entitled to appear in our plays and help out backstage.

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Season Ticket holders

Season Ticket holders are entitled to a set of vouchers that they can exchange for tickets for a season’s plays. For those who come to see every play in a season this is a great way of saving money and supporting the theatre with a regular contribution.

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Youth Theatre

Grove Park Theatre welcomes young people from the age of 10 (year 6) upwards to join our Youth Section. We offer weekly workshops on all aspects of theatre and performance skills, and there is the chance to take part in the annual Youth Theatre production.

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