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About us » The Nineties, Noughties and beyond

The nineties turned into the noughties, bringing Grove Park Theatre into a new century, with new technologies at our disposal. We now have our own website and have embraced social networking, but this does not displace our traditional strength of welcoming people into the theatre itself.

We are always seeking to improve the theatre experience for our members and supporters, and always try to keep the lines of communication open, whether this is through community surveys, consultation at our annual general meetings, or collaboration with other like-minded individuals and organisations.

For some years now the theatre has been a member of the Little Theatre Guild of Great Britain; we have regular exchange visits with other theatre members of the Guild, to help maintain and improve standards in all departments. In the past few years we have also been supported by the local business community by means of sponsorship and advertising, for which we are very grateful.

Though membership over the years has fluctuated as young juvenile leads have become middle-aged mums and dads and then old fogies, the theatre continues to attract and hold enthusiastic and talented members of all ages. The society will continue to enhance its amateur professionalism in all aspects of theatre, hopefully for years to come.

We are anxious to attract young people to live theatre on both sides of the ‘curtain’, and the young as well as the young at heart are always welcome to come and join us - who knows what you may be missing!

"But the volunteers came in ten by ten,
They were young and old and stout-hearted men,
And they laboured hard and long,
With a spirit that was strong,
Putting right all that was wrong,
Once again."