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The Grove Park Little Theatre presents ‘Our Town’

To the envy of everyone else in Youth Theatre, two of their members appeared on stage in A Hundred Years Old, whilst others were able to help backstage. In The Real Inspector Hound, the ‘body’ fell out of the cupboard on cue nightly thanks to a broomstick expertly wielded by Youth Section members. The dates and headings for the society’s 50th anniversary celebration play, By Stages, were thrown up on the overhead projector situated in a sort of ‘net’ worked by an extremely hot Youth Section member.

The Youth Theatre celebrated its fifth birthday with a formal dinner in the Garden Room of the Cross Lanes Hotel, having as its guests members of the senior society who had been of particular help to them.

Their 10th birthday was celebrated by a party in the theatre and by a major production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, cast from past and present members.

Members of the Youth Theatre went on to join the senior society and to take an active part in its running, serving on the Executive Committee, acting, directing and working in every backstage department. Some have had to leave over the years because their work has taken them elsewhere, but others still remain with us.

Saturday coffee mornings (which are open to all) are sometimes enlivened by the appearance of handsome men or beautiful ladies up from the south or down from the north, or over from the US of A, under whose sophistication the discerning eye may make out the gauche, callow, even spotty youth of yesteryear.

In 1981 the first of many pantomimes was staged. These have now become hugely successful annual events.

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